Shoegrab Preston

8 Weeks

Project Details

Our team had the distinct pleasure of constructing ShoeGrab’s second store located on a spacious 750 m2 site. We were able to collaborate on this project to bring their vision to life. This project stands out for its unique nature. We were required to design and craft custom made joinery and signage that truly embodied the brand’s essence.

Our dedicated team meticulously designed and crafted bespoke joinery pieces. We were able to specifically tailor these to showcase the exceptional footwear collection on offer in the store. From the chic shelving units to elegant display cases, we carefully considered every joinery detail to maximise efficiency while enhancing the space’s overall allure.

In addition to the breath taking joinery, we took great pride in expertly installing beautiful and unique custom signage. These elements serve to both draw in customers, and  to enhance ShoeGrab’s branding statement. The result is the creation of an undeniably immersive shopping experience for visitors. Our design elements serve to guide them through the store, and ensure each visit is a memorable experience for them.

It was an honour for us to have had the opportunity to bring ShoeGrab Melbourne’s vision to life. Together, our collaboration created a space that vibrantly captures the brand’s style while invigorating shoppers as they peruse the diverse and exciting collection of shoes.

Our team is proud of the outcome and sees it as another winning collaboration. Our team strived to achieve perfection in every aspect of the ShoeGrab store, from the imaginative and functional joinery to the custom designed signage. This project adds to our continuing track record of delivering bespoke environments that are catered to our valued clients’ requirements, encouraging more incredible market successes.

Our collaboration with ShoeGrab has been a spectacular experience and we believe the result stands for itself. Both our teams had worked tirelessly to create a unique space that reflects the brand’s identity. It was truly an honour for us to have had the opportunity to work on this project. We believe is serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our desire to create for our clients environments that inspire.

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