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Our team had the distinct privilege to construct a truly top of the line office space for Richemont, a distinguished company that values craftsmanship and creativity. The new workspace seamlessly blends functionality and productivity with a visually pleasing aesthetic appeal. This aligns with our commitment to creating an inspiring environment for our clients. The strengthening and promotion of both innovation and collaboration among employees was a key directive of the design. We have been able to encourage this by mixing booth seating areas, bespoke storage solutions, and personalized workstations. The design of the Richemont office embraces and accentuates the natural beauty of light, enlivening the space and sparking creativity.

The project allowed our team to demonstrate its renowned attention to spatial details. Our designers carefully blended warm timber accents and carefully selected decorations. This resulted in the creation of an undeniably inspiring modern, yet inviting ambience. Our design process focused on striking a perfect balance between comfort and collaboration while ensuring each element was reflective of the company’s culture of luxury and excellence, with natural light as a critical design feature. The design of the Richemont office is a sophisticated example of our teams ability expertly merge both function and style. This allowed us to again demonstrate our commitment to providing clients with a truly inspiring environment in which to work. The design elements have combined to created a space with a vibrant, lively atmosphere. The outcome is a beautiful space in which Richemont will be able to continue to excel and innovate.

We know that the environment where you work has the ability to greatly impact your output. Therefore, we understand the importance of creating spaces that positively influence both productivity and innovation while promoting staff well being. That’s why we are proud to have worked in collaboration with Richemont, a company that embodies excellence, to construct a space that inspires innovation and promotes collaboration. Our team is proud of the result of this collaboration. We are confident that the space will allow Richemont’s employees to embrace the environment and continue to be inspired by the luxurious and modern space we have built for them.

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Project Gallery

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