Lenny Briskets

Lenny Briskets
4 Weeks

Project Details

Lenny Briskets, a Sydney local known for its smoked meats and loaded sandwiches, partnered with us, knowing our Hospitality Fitout experience would elevate its brand.

To bring their vision to life, we embarked on an ambitious fitout project. Combining their New York deli roots with a touch of modernity, our challenge was to seamlessly blend these elements. We worked with the designers at Alkimi to capture the essence of Lenny Briskets while providing an unforgettable dining experience.

Our meticulous attention to detail, combined with our expertise in Hospitality fitouts resulted in a stunning transformation for Lenny Briskets. The completed Hospitality fitout boasted a seamless fusion of the past and present, transporting customers to the bustling streets of New York while offering a modern and inviting dining experience.

We successfully showcased Lenny Briskets‘ rich heritage through our collaboration and paid homage to their New York roots. The design captivated customers, creating a warm, vibrant atmosphere that left a lasting impression.

Thanks to our innovative solutions and commitment to excellence, Lenny Briskets has a space that aligns with its brand identity. The new fitout enhances the overall dining experience and immerses customers in the captivating story and ambience that define the Lenny Briskets experience.


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Project Gallery

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