Gaffa Gallery

Gaffa Gallery
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In the heart of Sydney, a stone’s throw from Queen Victoria Building, stands  281 Clarence St. This architectural marvel, designed by Supercontext, whispers tales of its past life as a police station. Now, it proudly houses the Gaffa Gallery, a beacon of contemporary design and cultural vibrancy.

The Gaffa Gallery is a harmonious blend of history and modernity. Four levels of heritage space, spanning 974 square metres, tell a story of transformation. The ground floor, once a maze of cells, now invites visitors into a world of art and design. Here, history and modern aesthetics dance in a seamless ballet, enchanting art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

As you ascend, each level unfurls its unique charm. The third floor boasts a balcony terrace, dressed in curved zinc cladding. The rooftop, a crowning glory, flaunts a glass canopy and twisted louvres, a testament to modern aesthetics.

SHEETH, in collaboration with engineers, architects, the council, and Heritage NSW, breathed new life into this heritage building. They preserved its historical elements, creating a space that respects its past while embracing the future of design.

The Gaffa Gallery is more than a building. It’s a cultural hub, a celebration of the fusion of heritage and contemporary art. It stands as a testament to SHEETH’s commitment to excellence, creating spaces that echo with history while propelling into modernity. Whether you’re hosting an event, exploring the galleries, or seeking tranquillity on the rooftop, the Gaffa Gallery promises an enriching and unforgettable experience.

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