Bottega Coiffure
Jackson Teece
6 Weeks

Project Details

We are thrilled to share the successful completion of the new fitout for Bottega Coiffure, a leading salon. Our expertise hair salon fitouts has allowed us to create a stylish space that meets the needs of Bottega’s clientele.

Jackson Teece designed the hair salon fitout at Bottega Coiffure meticulously to create a welcoming environment for clients and staff. We carefully considered every detail, from the salon’s layout to the choice of materials and furnishings.

We strategically positioned the retail area within the salon to showcase a range of premium hair care products. Sleek shelving units in this section of the fitout enable clients to explore and purchase their favourite hair products seamlessly. One of the highlights of the hair salon fitout is the dedicated styling area. Stylish and ergonomic styling chairs, ample mirrors, and well-placed lighting, clients can relax and enjoy a personalised styling experience while the talented stylists work their magic. The fitout also includes a comfortable seating area and tastefully designed décor so clients can relax before their appointment.

We extend our expertise to the functional aspects of the salon. We integrated ample storage space into the fitout, allowing for organised hair tools and equipment. This easy storage ensures stylists have everything they need, enhancing their efficiency and productivity. Jackson Teece designed the retail area to encourage customer browsing and engagement. Eye-catching displays, attractive signage, and well-organised shelves make it easy for clients to explore and find the products that suit their needs.

With our industry experience in hair salon fitouts and attention to detail, we have created a space for Bottega Coiffure that truly elevates its brand image. The fitout reflects the salon’s commitment to providing high-quality services in a contemporary and inviting space. The new fitout is a testament to our expertise in creating exceptional spaces that enhance the salon experience.

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Project Gallery

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