Golden Trees of Double Bay

Double Bay has long been a haven for nature enthusiasts with both its lush tree-lined streets and picturesque beauty. From the golden glow of sunset to the autumnal display of rich gold leaves, the area offers breath taking scenes. Amidst this natural splendour, a unique building known as Haben House is taking shape. Designed by Stafford Architecture, this luminescent gem promises to not only bring emotion but also movement to Double Bay’s architecture.

The development of Haben House has been a rewarding experience, thanks to the collaboration of esteemed professionals who share the vision of creating something exceptional. Lindos Group, Stafford Architecture, The World is Round Design, Webber Design, Evolved Engineering, AI Consultancy, and Horizon Engineers have all combined their expertise to form a powerhouse team dedicated to the success of this project.

Nature’s bountiful gifts surround Double Bay, with its rich history of both fertile soil and stunning tree-lined streets. Haben House found inspiration in this natural wonder and actively incorporated it into their architectural design. The building serves as an embodiment of the golden trees that have graced Double Bay for years. It will forever preserve their beauty within its structure.

One of the standout features of Haben House is its luminescence and ability to evoke emotion and movement. As light dances upon its surfaces, the building becomes a living entity, responding to the changing light throughout the day. Furthermore Stafford Architecture’s innovative design ensures that the play of light and shadow creates a captivating atmosphere. As a result Haben Hous is constantly transforming the visual experience for those who encounter the building.

As the project progresses, there is a growing sense of anticipation among those involved. The dedication and passion of the professionals working on Haben House are tangible, fueling the excitement for what lies ahead. Each step brings the realisation of their collective vision closer, promising a transformative addition to Double Bay’s architectural landscape.

Haben House, also known as the Golden Trees of Double Bay, is set to become a landmark that embodies the beauty of nature. As the project nears completion, the anticipation grows, and the promise of a dynamic structure that preserves the area’s natural wonders becomes ever more real. Meanwhile, stay tuned for a completed project, and for now, enjoy this teaser as the captivating story of Haben House unfolds.

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